Why Social Media is Important to Businesses


Social MediaMarketers all over the globe emphasize the importance of social media for their companies saying that a large percentage of their efforts on using social media led to significant increases in visitors to their websites. The claim is half right. The efforts of marketers on social media help to increase awareness of websites and subsequent visits. Nonetheless, the social media itself does not magically transform into visitors to websites.

The underlying fact is that social media is simply a place where most people are today, and the role of marketers is to reach the highest number of the members of a target audience in the most efficient way. Social media gives small businesses this opportunity. There are additional reasons why social media is important to businesses as explained below.

It helps to validate the brand

The use of social media helps a business in informing consumers that the business’ brand is active and willing to serve consumers. The nature of today’s always on, and very targeted media means that most consumers quickly forget about a brand. The high level of competition requires a business to think constantly of new ways to stay relevant to its target consumer market. The affordable way of doing that is to make sure consumers interact with the brand on a continuing basis. Thus, social profiles and pages for the business allow it to gather information from consumers and to keep them updated on business-related activities. This engagement keeps the brand alive and in consumer minds, which is a major determinant of their purchasing decision-making process.

High potential for converting the audience into buyers

benefits of social mediaThe social media platform are useful for directly telling consumers about the availability of a product. The interaction with each consumer gives the business a chance to read into their social profile, explore social circles and build a big audience based on a particular interest. For instance, most people will indicate their interest in a product by following or liking its social pages, and this gives the administrator of such pages an opportunity to interact with the purported fans of the product. Since they already showed interest, it would be easier to convince them into becoming customers by using additional offers and a request to try the offers. Research notes that social media has the potential to offer the highest lead-to-close rate compared to any other marketing option.

It is easy to use

Social media marketing is easy to use and scalable for both small and large business. It can help a business target consumers from a particular region without requiring sophisticated geo-targeting options. Social media uses information profiles of users, and they help the business to limit its exposure to a particular audience.

Furthermore, the business may personify itself and operate as an individual thus making it easy to interact with people online as they follow trending topics and discuss issues that affect them. The informal nature of conversations on social media makes it ideal for addressing noncritical matters of a business that also end up being the most important for influencing a person’s decisions about purchasing products of a given brand.