Information About Wireless Dog Fence


If you’re looking for a way for your pup to enjoy all the freedoms while keeping your pet within certain limits, a wireless pet fence is the best option. The dog doesn’t need a leash and probably won’t be restricted by a physical limit. The dog can be handled with the wireless fence even when the owner is not home. In case you want to take your pet on vacation but don’t want the dog to disappear from view, a wireless pet fence is a fantastic help. Many people have discovered the numerous benefits of owning a dog fence. If you read about petsafe fence, you can learn how dog fences are easy to install.

How It Works

The receiver is usually attached to the puppy’s collar. When the base station is powered by a 110v system and the receiver on the collar is activated by batteries, it’s not hard to set the boundary within which you want your pet to roam. The wireless pet fence is a great training aid and can be installed in minutes. However, it may take several attempts to set an appropriate limit for the animal. With some wireless pet fence systems, two puppies can be included in the limit. Under perfect conditions, limit settings can be as high as 200 feet.

The base channel always communicates with the pet’s collar and monitors its space from the boundary setting on the lawn. The person with access to information crucial to the puppy’s protection can be alerted immediately if the dog attempts to leave its boundary. Any attempt by the dog to escape the boundary will set off a high-pitched tone that will continue until the dog is directly on the boundary. Observable feedback signals can signal any reduction in the animal’s signal on the base channel. Make sure large metal objects such as cars, metal sheds, etc., are not obstructions. Radio signals may not pass through these objects or maybe completely reflected.


Wireless fencing works without the aid of a computer or any other device. The fence can be installed fairly quickly, unlike wired systems or physical fences, which take much longer to install. The time it takes to check the battery is about four to six hours fully. And it lasts for several decades. The battery only needs to be charged when there is an alarm on the lower channel.


Animal If the lower channel loses sight of the puppy’s collar in mountainous terrain, the weapon’s range may be temporarily reduced. The base station can be placed higher in the house to overcome this problem. Depending on power requirements as well as circuitry, the size of the collar receiver can be large.

Some collar receivers are only suitable for pets weighing 25 pounds or more. In summary, the advantages of using a wireless pet fence system far outweigh the disadvantages. This is one of the reasons why some owners hesitate.