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Foosball Tips for Beginners


Foosball is fun to play with your colleagues when you want to mess around. However, after some time, you will get more serious and you will want to improve your game. However, how can you go from turning handles to hitting the ball with a strategy and have a winning streak? First, you need to get the right best foosball tables. These are some of the top tips for foosball beginners.

Understand the Rules

First, ensure you understand the rules. After getting the rules down, it is time to work on your skills and get ready for a match with vital skills to destroy the competition. Surprisingly, your competition is usually made up of your friends and family.

Master the Grip Technique

Ideally, you have two types of grip. Which one you use is up to you. There are a lot of questions to ask. For instance, which is the best shooting style for you? Wrist grip or palm grip? Good players can use both styles to make different types of shots. As a beginner, you should choose and master one, before you learn the other.

Foosball Wrist Grip

foosballThis is a common grip that involves wrapping your hand around and turning the rod by rotating the wrist counter-clockwise and clockwise. Most beginner foosball players start by gripping the handle a bit tightly. If the knuckles are turning white and protruding, the grip becomes too tight. Ideally, the grip should be firm, but not too firm that you have a hard time twisting the handle. In fact, you can perform different types of shots with the grip.

Open Palm Grip

This is a quick technique for learning and can easily generate a lot of power. Basically, you only need to place your hand to the side and handle with your fingers. The handle ought to be touching the middle of the palm.

Master These Defense Techniques Tips

It is a good idea to start with defense instead of shooting and offense. That is because knowing how to play foosball by having an effective defense strategy can be the difference between losing and winning. You need to know how to line up your players vertically so that they can block a shot.

After knowing how to defend, you need to master different strategies for shooting and offense. Remember that for you to win the game, you have to score goals and know how to shoot and pass the ball.

You should note that there are many different foosball passing techniques you should master. Some of the tactics you should master include tic-tac passing and brush pass.