Technology Platform
NovaSperseSM Nanoparticle Technology

PharmaNova’s  NovaSperseSM Technology: providing new opportunities for poorly soluble drugs.

PharmaNova’s nanoparticle technology offers the potential for numerous fast-to-market products. Many APIs  and potential drugs are so poorly soluble in water that bioavailability is significantly reduced and some routes of administration are not feasible without chemical modification of the API or the addition of potentially harmful solubilizing agents. Nanoparticle technology is one of the most exciting developments in pharmaceutical formulation science in decades and PharmaNova expects to be a world leader in its application to pharmaceuticals.  The reduction of particles to sub-micron dimensions introduces dramatic changes in the physico-chemical properties of compounds enabling many formulation and delivery options previously not feasible.

Key Features:
• Spherical amorphous nanoparticles of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API)
• Particle sizes from 25nM to 10µM
• Narrow particle size range around the mean
• Highly scaleable process from laboratory to manufacture
• Compatible with many formulation and delivery systems