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Debut of PharmaNova’s NovaSpersesm at AAPS Annual Meeting in Atlanta

PharmaNova will be unveiling its new drug delivery technology NovaSpersesm at the AAPS meeting in Atlanta.  PharmaNova scientists have been perfecting the platform and have developed a library of potential products addressing fields of significant medial need and commercial value.  

NovaSpersesm is a proprietary platform technology developed by PharmaNova, Inc., to create amorphous nanoparticles of poorly water-soluble pharmaceuticals. NovaSpersesm allows us to create spherical nanoparticles of pure drug substances offering enhanced solubility and numerous advantages over nano-crystals and other particle types. As an example, our ability to modify nanoparticle surface properties facilitates stabilization of final formulations using minimal quantities of ‘GRAS’ surface active agents.  NovaSpersesm allows close control over the formation of nuclei and molecular aggregates, production of tailor-made particle sizes from 25nm to 10000nm mean diameter and narrow particle size distributions (PSD) around the mean.

The combined features of the NovaSpersesm process and choice of stabilizers permit us to produce stable suspensions of amorphous nanoparticles with minimal change in particle size on storage. PharmaNova has developed an extensive library of nanoparticulate active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) of approved products that range in molecular weight from 200 to 1200 and differ widely in molecular complexity and physico-chemical properties.  Our products are designed to address needs in the fields of anti-infective, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulator therapeutics and will initially be focused on products for topical application, including ophthalmic medicines.  Dr. Deepak Thassu, PharmaNova’s Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development, explained that “products derived from NovaSpersesm technology can be expected to offer many advantages, including improved bioavailability, efficacy, safety and patient compliance”.  Patent applications, being filed at the US Patent and Trademark Office, will enable PharmaNova to collaborate with and license this technology and derived products to pharmaceutical development partners.

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